Friday, January 8, 2010

Roca Dual Flush Toilets

For the last month I've been traveling in Morocco and Spain. In both countries, I saw a number of dual flush toilets (though still less than half of the toilets I saw). The most common brand seemed to be Roca. All Roca toilets have been dual flush since 2001 and many are 5/3 liters (in addition to the more common 6/4 liters or 1.5/1 gallon). The company is ISO 14001 certified for having an environmental

management system. Haven't seen their products in the US, but they seemed to work well. The picture above is a typical floor mounted tank type toilet from a Tryp Hotel in Madrid, Spain. The one below is a wall mounted tank type with the tank recessed between the wall studs from an Isis Hotel in Essouira, Morocco.

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  1. Just returned from Barcelona and have been looking everywhere for a USA distributor of Roca products. They were not only energy/water efficent, but the design is human friendly!