Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Advertising" Green Buildings

Question: I work for the Office of Sustainability at ### University. I was wondering if you could direct me to the individual in your office who would know about green building done at Harvard. Specifically, I'm interested to know if any of the Harvard's green buildings have innovative ways of advertising their innovations.


We have a pretty big campus and over 60 green building / LEED projects and each advertises their innovation a little differently. We have real time utility displays in some:

All completed projects get case studies (eventually):

We put the technologies used in an online database:

And a lot of projects have comprehensive signage programs, lab hood CFM displays, tours that are publicly available, etc. We usually try to write an article about new projects for our website:

We then try to link to this site on the AASHE bulletin.

A couple of years ago we published a map of all our green building projects in the Harvard Gazette (click on the image on the bottom right):

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