Saturday, May 9, 2009

Energy Simulation Consultants?

Question from LinkedIn LEED AP Group: Where can I find a consulting firm that specializes in Energy Simulations?
Response from SustainableDCS: Almost any MEP can give you an energy model usable for EAc1 (most already use Trace or HAP to do their load sizing, both of which are acceptable for this simulation). Most will complete the model at the end of design to tell you how many LEED points you'll get. This is the least expensive option, but offers no real value to the design process. A good modeling firm will provide multiple parametric runs to help identify the best orientation, envelope, HVAC, etc. Some will also provid CFD analysis for natural or hybrid ventilation (or fume hood containment and avoiding exhaust plume reintrainment), daylight simulation, or radiant temperature simulation, depending on your needs. Transolar is the best we've used for the fancy stuff ( ). We really like Andelman and Lelek for eQuest models ( ).

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